Shake & Drink

Shake & Drink is the exclusive line of instant cold creams, ready to prepare and enjoy in just 2 minutes, simply open the bag, pour the contents into a bottle with milk or water in the doses recommended on the package, shake until you get a creamy drink.

Available in various flavors, all carefully selected for you.

Hydrogenated fat free - Gluten-free - Colorant-free - GMO-free

pack of 5 sachets of 30g from which you get 2 cups of 60 ml

Open shake and taste!

Crema caffe istantanea
Coffee Cream
Pistachio Cream
crema melone istantanea
Melon Cream
Hazelnut Cream
Almond Cream
crema cioccolato istantanea
Chocolate Cream
Strawberry Cream
sorbetto limone istantaneo
Lemon Sorbet